Dear Baba Yaga

Dear Baba Yaga

I beg your momentary attention please,
not to anger, scold or something harsher,
I wish to embrace any future be,
my future Baba Yaga.

Show me a wisdom to know the truth;
To know myself and therefore just know.
Guide my conscience- what to do,
let what will in time be shown.

Mother of the forest, knower of life and death,
let me know life and death as one;
An inseparable cycle with no rest,
A skull carries fire- moon to sun.

Teach me suffering, so I may experience joy,
challenge my ways and keep me moving,
flowing, dancing, motion is ploy,
but an eternal presence soothing.

I beg your time only when that time is such,
I will not push or prod or croon,
For I know that “If you know too much,
you’ll become old too soon”

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